Off-the Shelf Library Services

Off-the-Shelf is a full service library consulting firm. In addition to traditional library services such as cataloging, acquisitions advice, library set-up, and library evaluation, it offers workshops designed to give students in institutions without regular library instruction an exciting and entertaining way to learn how to access, evaluate, and process information from print and non-print sources.

In addition, Off-the-Shelf can design custom programs to provide literature or research based activities for units on the community, California history, ancient civilizations, ecology, history and geography, or any other part of your curriculum. Other programs that can be tailored to fit your needs are literature for various holidays, tales from Shakespeare, history or geography units, community helpers, science programs, math in literature, and seasonal units. I will be happy to work with you to determine the library programs that will best enhance your curriculum.

Off-the-Shelf can also provide essential library services such as ordering books and materials, cataloging, designing and organizing your library space, helping you develop a collection development plan, budgeting, computerizing your collection, and evaluating your library program. These services are not meant to supplant the need for a qualified librarian, but are offered on a short term project by project basis until a librarian can be hired. I am available to help you determine your individual library needs and help you meet them.


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